Why Choose LV Site Light

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The LV site light was designed by an engineer with 12 years experience in the scaffolding security and lighting industry, due to the hassle of installing 110v bulkhead lights he sought an easier more energy efficient way to provide safety lighting on scaffolding erections.

The LV site light can be hard wired at 12 or 24volts dc or battery powered, the battery life and luminosity exceed all competition by far.

Each light has multiple colours selectable via jumper links, which are seamlessly interchangeable and facilitate white, red and flashing amber LED’s. Only by making a competitive comparison between the conventional bulkhead light and the LV Site Light do the true benefits of our LV Site Lite become apparent.

All accessories for the LV site light provide a cost efficient alternative over the accessories required for 110v bulkhead lights. With an innovative and aesthetically pleasing design, you will find the LV Site Light and quick and easy installation process.

The LV site light has one housing unit with multiple interchangeable PCB’s and attachments for specific installations